Collection Bites provides space for unconventional interpretations and personal interactions with art.
Portrait 3’
Produced by Migros Museum & maze pictures

Reflecting on Racism with James Baldwin - Advisory Board Interviews.
Interview 17’
Produced by Aargauer Kunsthaus & Nordhangfilm

The staff at the museum introduced themselves and gathered in front of a stationary camera.
Video 5’
Produced by Annika Eriksson & Migros Museum

Room for depth, time to talk it out.
New format for SWI
TV-Format 30’
Produced by SWI, SRG, Bodara

Kamitgua | Digital Gold goes beneath the surface of the mobile tech industry.
Exhibition 20’
Produced Department of Geography UZH, Immersive Arts Space ZHdK

Six protagonists of the current architectural scene.
Portrait 6x 5’
Produced by Nordhang Film

Laying out speculative projections of the web of relationships between humans and nature in light of today’s ecological situation.
Exhibition-Film 7’
Produced by maze pictures, Migros Museum

How to strategize brands in the age of confusion.
Portrait 7’
Produced by Nordhang Film