Holiday-hungry travellers find their patience tested in an eventful traffic jam.
Documentary shortfilm 17’
Produced by Cinédokké

Seven places where coworkers engage in sporadic conversations while getting their nicotine fix.

The second Covid-19 wave even hits Santa Claus. 
Documentary shortfilm 7’
Produced by Turnus Film, SRG, Cinédokké

On the tribunes of the Hipódromo de La Zarzuela madrileños are waiting to get lucky.
Documentary Clip 2’

Eight young people are seeking boundless freedom while traveling with Interrail.
Documentary Series 3x 42’
Produced by SRF, tellfilm

A webserie who shows how couples from different nationalities met 50 years ago.
Documentary Series 3x 5’

Portrait about Piotr Jaxa, Director of Photography.
Documentary Portrait 2’
Produced by ZHdK, HEAD, SRF, RTS

An intercultural project that explores visual and audial concepts of our experiences of Hong Kong.
Documentary Clip 2’